Assembling the LCT-5M and LCT-5V Locust Miniatures (IWM #'s 20-987 and 20-261)


tools used-
  • exacto knife
  • needle files
  • Sculpey III (or any other putty/clay)
  • JB Weld (or JB Kwik) epoxy
  • toothpick (for mixing and applying epoxy)
  • white vinegar
  • toothbrush
  • paint bottles (for support structures)
  • Elmer's Redi-Spack Lite

These are the contents of the 5M (left) and 5V (right) blisters:

(eight pieces for the 5M and nine for the 5V)

I decided to build both of these together, with a slightly different pose for each.  Except where noted, the 5M will be on the left and 5V on the right of the photos.

Begin by preparing all parts for assembly. Cut them from the sprue, clean up mold lines with the exacto and needle files. Score all joints with the exacto knife.  When finished, scrub the parts with the white vinegar and toothbrush.

I wanted to experiment with positions of  base inserts (with attached foot) to see how they would work with my poses.  Inserts were epoxied in place and the gaps filled with Elmer's Redi-Spack Lite.  It's a non-shrinking spackle that I use as a cheaper alternative to filling bases with epoxy putty.  Let it all set for 30 minutes.
Dry fit the legs and torso to make sure the alignment will keep the torso centered on the base (from side to side).  Then epoxy the legs into the position you like.  5M will be leaning forward on the right leg, 5V's foot will be flat.  Hold the position with putty and let cure for 30 minutes minimum.
Attach torsos to the legs, being very careful with the legs.  They were too far inward on the hex base to use a paint bottle for support, so I made one out of putty instead.  Allow at least 30 minutes to cure. (I was working on these and the Thunderbolt 9M at the same time, and this is where I let them sit overnight.)
When dry fitting the 5V's left leg, I decided that I needed to file a small notch into the forward toe piece so that it fit closer to the ankle.
I then epoxied the toes to the leg, using the top of a paint bottle and putty for support so I could set it off to the side.
Find a location for the 5M's left toe piece by dry fitting the leg.  I used a mechanical pencil to mark the spot, just in case.  Then epoxy the piece to the base.
Once the legs and toes have cured, attach them to the hip ball and base (or other toes).  Use putty to hold them at both ends if necessary--only one spot was required here for each.  Allow 30 minutes to cure.
Using the old stand-by of paint bottles and putty, dry fit the arms.  When they are in a position you like, slide them apart, apply epoxy to the sockets, and slide them back together.  Allow 30 minutes to cure.
Attach the laser barrels with epoxy and steady them with putty and a paint jar until it cures.
Here are the finished assemblies.  Halfway through the process I noticed the 5M was not going to be centered well on the base (front to back)...
...nor from side to side.  It's nothing horrible, but next time the insert is going all the way back in the base for this type of pose.  The 5V turned out damn-near perfect.
An overhead look to show what I mean about centering.  The 5M has its most delicate parts protruding way forward of the hexbase.  If not careful they could get damaged in storage or gaming.  The 5V fits exactly though.

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