Assembling the MAD-5L Marauder Miniature (IWM #20-994)


tools used-
  • exacto knife
  • needle files
  • Sculpey III (or any other putty/clay)
  • JB Weld (or JB Kwik) epoxy
  • toothpick (for mixing and applying epoxy)
  • white vinegar
  • toothbrush
  • paint bottles (for support structures)
  • blue/yellow "green stuff" epoxy putty (for the final step only)

Here are the parts straight from the blister.

(14 pieces including an optional foot.)

Begin by preparing all parts for assembly. Cut them from the sprues, clean up mold lines with the exacto and needle files. Score all joints with the exacto knife--etch a criss-cross pattern into both sides of the joint to help the epoxy bond.  Scrub the parts with white vinegar and a toothbrush to remove casting residue and grease/oils left by your fingers. Let air dry.
Assembly should start with the base. Since there is an extra foot, you have some options. Because of the size of the mini I chose to modify the left foot so that it would sit further forward in the hexbase. Epoxy the foot to the base and let cure for 15 minutes.
Epoxy left leg in place and use putty to hold while it cures. Since this is a crucial bond, I let it cure for over 30 minutes. There are plenty of other parts to assemble while you wait.
Epoxy the hip assembly to left leg. Again use putty to hold it in place and allow 30+ minutes to cure.
These are some of the minor parts that you can assemble while the major parts are curing. Epoxy the ERPPC to the torso and the right foot to right leg. Use putty to hold the leg/foot in the position you like until it has cured for 15 minutes.
More "filler" parts to assemble while the main structure is curing. Use putty to hold each arm part in position while the epoxy cures for 15 minutes. Take care when removing the arms from the putty, just in case it sticks a bit.
Even more "filler" assembly. Since the arms were together, I stuck them on a paint bottle so that gravity would help with attachment of the ERML's.
Attach the completed right leg to the hip and left leg assembly. I didn't have a large enough chunk of putty handy, so I used a couple of pennies for spacers.
Attach the upper torso to the lower torso assembly.
Now you can attach the arms to the body. I stuck each to a bottle of IWM paint for support. Doing it like this I was able to dry-fit the pieces and get them positioned exactly as I wanted. Then I just slid them apart, applied epoxy, and slid them back together. Allow 30+ minutes to cure because this is an important joint as well. Since there are no more pieces to assemble, do something else. Work on another mini, eat something, watch TV, or do what I'm doing... typing up this tutorial and cropping the pictures.
Let the whole thing cure overnight for maximum strength.
Finished this part a couple of days after the original guide was published...

The base and open toe joint have been filled with "green stuff" epoxy putty. Once it is ready for painting, I will scrub the whole thing down with white vinegar before priming. This is to remove any oils and grease left over from my fingers during the assembly process.

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