Adding Antenna to Your Battletech Miniatures


  You can have the most beautifully reposed and painted mini in the world, but choose not to add antenna and you might just as well leave the base unfinished too.  Antenna are a small detail that not all minis require.  They are very important for completing the look for those that do.

  Some people use brush bristles and the like.  I prefer the antenna wire that used to come with the minis.  Nothing beats a mini that bites back. Wire also gives more options with longer antenna.  I'm looking for a source of that same wire.  It's piano wire so it shouldn't be too difficult.  When I find out the specifics I will update here.

tools used-

  • pin vise and #76 bit (or the proper diameter for your choice of antenna material)
  • antenna wire (or your choice of material)
  • needle files
  • JB Weld (or JB Kwik) epoxy
  • Sculpey III (or another putty)
  • toothpick (for mixing and applying epoxy)
  • wire cutters
  • safety glasses
  • clamps (forceps)
  • exacto knife

Look at the TRO picture(s) and decide on the antenna location(s).  Carefully drill a 2-3mm deep hole for each using the pin vise and bit.
Put a piece of wire into the hole and estimate the necessary length.  Put a clamp on each end of the wire, shield your eyes (if not wearing safety glasses), and cut the wire.  Trust me on the eye protection bit.  I've had a couple of close calls even when I thought I was being careful.  Cutting wire makes for some nasty projectiles.
Decide which end of the wire will be exposed and file it as round as possible.  This isn't so somebody doesn't get stabbed when man-handling your mini, because they still will.  This is so that it doesn't catch primer and paint funny.
Place all wires into their respective holes and make sure you like the lengths.  Mix some epoxy, grab the wires one at a time, and dip the tip, inserting each back into its hole.  Use gravity or putty as necessary to keep proper alignment.
Give them a good 30 minutes to cure then clean up around the hole a bit with an exacto.  Now you're set to go!

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